The second kindergarden in Senegal is running

03.07.2022 – With some delay finally an update on the project in Senegal. Already at the beginning of last year we had reached the donation goal for our second project with the amount of EUR 50’000.- and so we could completely finance the construction of the kindergarten/preschool.

Due to the delays and also because of Corona we were not able to see the result live on site yet. But we want to make up for that in any case. Therefore, not so many photos, but at least some are attached. The mayor of the village visited the school and expressed his joy. At the beginning of this year the teaching staff and a janitor were selected and hired.

In the meantime, all the work has been completed. Despite the fact, taht there were major delivery problems with the cement. That’s why the work couldn’t go on as fast as it was planned – but in the end everything came out fine. The building includes 3 classrooms, one of which has a length of 9m and a width of 7m, so a total of 63sqm. Besides that, the money was used for the furnishing including school desks, blackboards etc.. And also a toilet block and a perimeter wall (to keep the animals out) was built.

The kindergarden/preschool is located in a densely populated area on the outskirts of Sandiara, right next to an elementary school, so it is a good location for a preschool. Numerous children have been enrolled. It is the first public preschool in Sandiara and all villagers are grateful and yes, proud that there is a preschool in their village now.

At this point again our biggest thanks for your great support! The third project of the Charity Circle is also already underway and more about it soon.