Project 2 (2018-2021)

In the fall of 2018 after consultation with the Senegalhilfe-Verein we have decided to build another school/kindergarden in Senegal. Our friends have been in Senegal at the end of 2018 and worked on all the details for our new project. Here they are:

  • The village of Sandiara is located 20 km east of Mbour. It is part of the department of Mbour and the region Thiès. It exists since 1880 and has around 8’800 inhabitants.
  • 75% of all adults are analphabets. This demonstrates how important investment in education si in order to enable the children a better future. 
  • 85% of the people work on the fields. The proble is, that this is only possible within the rainy season from june to september. Besides this there is a tiny bit of trade of small goods and transport as well as cattle. But the situation is poor. 
  • There is one tiny childrens school which is private. It has only one class room and it is poorly built from rock and they have another provisional room made out of straw and tree trunks. 
  • There is no public childrens school for kids between 3 and 6 years and there are also no plans. There is just no money. Water and electricity are available though. 
  • The municipality will give us the ground which is 3.750 square meters big. It is worth around EUR 13.720.-. We are going to build the school there and the municipality there will take care for the teachers and their salaries.

Here are now the details about the construction and the costs:

  • The building woth 3 classrooms costs around EUR 33.000.- (all in). This is necessary in order to have a solid building with good quality. One classroom will be 9m to 7m, so a total of 63 square meters.  
  • For the furniture inside (benches and chairs) we will need  around EUR 3.500.-.
  • The toilet building will be EUR 5.000.-.
  • We also need a wall around the whole kindergarden/school in order to keep animals out. This will be EUR 6.000.-.
  • Some things to play outside (swing etc.) will sum up to EUR 1.100.-.
  • All together this is an amount of  EUR 48.600;- (EUR 33.000.- for the building and EUR 15.600.- for the rest).
  • Hêre you find a table of the costs of the kindergarden/school: Vorschule_Sandiara-1

So it is clear that we will need EUR 50’000.- in order to build the new school/kindergarden. We want to open in the fall of 2020.  We thank everyone for the support. Let’s go for good!

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