Our partner

Since we have neither experience nor the know-how or the network in this field, we will work together with our partner: The Senegalhilfe-Verein e.V.. All information about them you find here: http://www.senegalhilfe-verein.de/. It is all in German, so if you have any further questions about them please let us know. They do charity work in Senegal for 30 years now and have realized manifold projects such as kindergardens, schools, hospitals etc. They will coordinate the work in Senegal, control and lead the actual constructions and take care that everything will go in the right ways. For 30 years they work with the companies, authorities and municipalities in Senegal and have the full expertise needed. With their experience and wonderful people we trust them fully.

Important to mention is, that this organization only has freelance members. No one is getting paid and there are no costs for administration etc. So again, all money donated via Charity Circle will be used directly and to 100% for our projects.

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