Donations & Contact

So, since now you know who we are and you know what we do… of course: You want to become part of it and donate.

Thank you very much for this. The current amount of donations reached you always find on the „Home“ and the bottom of this page. Here you can donate:


IBAN: CH94 0023 5235 2351 4445 U



Wanja Greuel, 3073 Gümligen

We can issue a contribution receipt for you if you want and when you live in Germany. This will be done so in early December of the year you have donated. Also, if you don’t tell us differently, we will publish your name as a donator. You can always contact me here:

The following conditions are basic for us and our partner:

  • Every single EUR that is raised will be listed online. That also means that the current amount of the raised money will always be up to date online.
  • Transparency is important on the income side, but of course way more important on the cost side.
  • We guarantee, that every Euro will be used directly.

Contact: Wanja Greuel,