Looking back and looking ahead

01.12.2018 – After consultation with the Senegalhilfe-Verein we have decided to build another school in Senegal. Our friends will be in Senegal this weeks and work on all the details for our new project. We already know that we will need 50’000 Euro in order to build the new school. We want to open in the fall of 2020. We have already collected 7’000 Euro and thank all the donators for the support.

Annika from the Senegalhilfe-Verein visited the country and our first project. She also brought presents from our German friends. She reports a lot of good things. The school/kindergarden has a total of 77 children. The director is 35 years old and cares very well for everything. The whole school is well maintained and clean. The families and children are happy and all is well used. So it is very nice to see, that a bit over a year after opening it, the place is running very well. Once more a big thanks to all of you.

Here are some impressions.

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