The second kindergarden in Senegal is running

03.07.2022 – With some delay finally an update on the project in Senegal. Already at the beginning of last year we had reached the donation goal for our second project with the amount of EUR 50’000.- and so we could completely finance the construction of the kindergarten/preschool. Due to the delays and also because of Corona we were not able… Read more →

School under the sky in Bangladesh

21.11.21 LEEDO Street Children is a non-profit organization that has been working sacrificially and courageously for street children in Bangladesh since 2000. LEEDO takes care of these children in different areas. They provide emergency aid on the streets and provide food and clothing to the children there. They operate mobile schools in different hot spots in the city so that… Read more →

Donations for the second kindergarden fully raised

16.01.2021 – We have fantastic news. We have received so many donations in the last months, that we have reached our goal of EUR 50’000.- being donated. With that great amount of money we are now able to fully finance the construction of the kindergarden / school. The building will have 3 classrooms, while one classroom will be 9m to… Read more →

News about donations and the situation with corona

14.06.2020 – The good news is that, thanks to the fantastic support of our families, friends and business partners, we have already been able to collect almost EUR 40,000 for the second kindergarden. However, due to the corona virus, the opening will most likely not take place in 2020. As you can imagine, it is much more difficult to live… Read more →

We are on track!

26.12.2019 – We are on track. Thanx to the wonderful support of our families, friends and business partners we could already raise more than EUR 30’000.- for the new kindergarden. The opening is planned fpr november 2020 and we thank you all for the support. Read more →

The 2nd project is ready: childrens school in Sandiara

28.04.2019 – The village of Sandiara is located 20 km east of Mbour. It is part of the department of Mbour and the region Thiès. It exists since 1880 and has around 8’800 inhabitants. 75% of all adults are analphabets. This demonstrates how important investment in education si in order to enable the children a better future. We do now… Read more →

Looking back and looking ahead

01.12.2018 – After consultation with the Senegalhilfe-Verein we have decided to build another school in Senegal. Our friends will be in Senegal this weeks and work on all the details for our new project. We already know that we will need 50’000 Euro in order to build the new school. We want to open in the fall of 2020. We… Read more →

Update concerning a new project in 2019

19.08.2018 – After we have finished our first project and in consideration of the great support we had, we have decided to do another project in Senegal. Our partner organisation, the Senegal-Hilfeverein and their people will travel to Senegal in late 2018. They will analyse the situation and decide for a new project in 2019. This will then be announced here. Of course you… Read more →

The kindergarden is built!

30.12.2017 – We did it. Within three years we have raised more than EUR 45’000.- and that enabled us to build the kindergarden (in Senegal it is a kind of pre school) . The constructions started in the spring of 2017 and Shiraz, Tommy and me were there at the opening on the 25th of november 2017. There were around… Read more →

Let’s continue

17.09.2017 – Although we have reached the goal of EUR 35’000.- already we are continuing to raise mor money. We have collected more than EUR 40’000.- so far and we will use the additional money to built a third classroom in the kindergarden. The constructions have started and I hope to receive some pictures soon. In November Shiraz, Tommy and… Read more →